March 16, 2013

About TPP

Now in Nikkei newspaper, there is a column of Carla Hills and I like this articles.
This nikkei column is called "watashi no rireki-syo" meaning that someone is chosen and  he or she write down their life story every day during about 1 month.
I liked these columns because there are some good wisdoms.

In today's article, she recalled about the memory of US-Japan car trade episode and she said that she insisted  fair competition is good for both country and both companies, and if there is some restriction about trade (custom), it brought company's weakness in a longrun. It is very good concept.

But why she at that time? because in today's newspaper's top article are TPP, and nikkei newspaper strongly support TPP.
But anyway, her concept is very splendid, I think so.

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