February 24, 2013

Curiosity and education

In today's newspaper nikkei, I found the article that university of tokyo join the online education "Coursera".

Recently, circumstance of education is changed rapidly, because we can learn many things from good quality of materials like i-Tunes university, coursera,edX, Kahn.
In japan, MBA course are becoming popular among business people, newspapers said, but paying such high tuition is hard for many people. But by using such materials, we can learn by almost free (needs internet access fee but very cheap in japan and tools like i-pod are recently cheap).
Seeing this ted video, it seemed very intersting and learning platform will be important.

I think that education is most important thing for human beings, but in japan, many people seek the name of university and licences etc. Maybe that's why they don't know the fun of learning.
I like studying when I was child and I am very gladful for my parents to give me a circumstance of studying and most important things that make people want to learn are "Curiosity", I think.