January 3, 2013

Riemann Hypothesis

As I wanted to see the TV program "NHK kouhaku uta-gassen" , a TV program of music broadcasted at 31 Dec. annualy, I searched NHK on demand.

This TV program was pay program but I found some intersting TV programs on free, and one of them is "Riemann Hypothesis". It was broadcasted at 2009 and length is about 1.5 hour.

I think that this is very interesting program. I like math and I read several books about Riemann Hypothesis but this mathematic concept is very difficult to understand.
This TV program translated this difficult concept to very easy way using CG technology.
Some blog said badly about this program but I think that it is very good because explaining this theory in plain terms needs some mathematic background and knowledge and maybe this TV director have such sense, I think.