December 1, 2012

Very good period of time for studying

For what purpose do we study? There must be many reasons for each persons.

My reason is same as when I was a child (about age 3) until now. I want to know many things, simply curiosity.
This is all that motivate me. I simply choose my school and company simply because it might give me much intellectual excitement. If this level might be low, it is boring.

Nowadays, there are booms to learn, for example studying at some school like MBA school, etc. Of course it is very good thing, but like me who had little money for free and want to stay my own home with my family and play with my son, IT tool is very excellent things for studying.

Because there are huge amount of excellent videos,text,etc for free in English. The amount, quality, its level of materials is very higher than things of Japanese (of course there are good things existed, but there are huge gap between them because people all over the world use English)
And cost of IT environment is very cheap now.
Foe example in my home, I use optical fiver broadband access line and price included all ( basic line cost,local telephone,Internet access provider's fee, free wifi access outside home ) is about 5000-6000 yen (60-70 $) per month. Furthermore, I use wifi router in my house so I can use net access using iPOD (bought about 6month before about 15000 yen,for me a little high expense but excellent tool) and net book, kindle at sofa (all of them are cheaper now, no need for running cost)
And I use public library and borrow books which are reserved by Internet (of course needed no money)
So if someone eagerly want to study, they can do it with very cheap cost at every places at cafe, in the train,etc.

But most important thing is whether they want to study or not which Mr. takashi tachibana who I like most in Japanese writer say.