November 11, 2012

Using web services

Recently, I use several web services to get&manage informations.

To get informations, rss reader (now I use google reader) is very good tools, but recently I also use facebook & twitter, because recently many site focus on social media  so these two pages (facebook&twitter) is very good for many websites (nature, economist, etc).
And recently I rent books from our city's library by requesting internet.
These userinterface is very excellent so when I read newspapers or etc and find intersting books, I memo these titles and reserve these books by internet and if these books are delibered to the library I selected (in our city, there are about 20 points including sattelite library to get these books).
If these books are derivered at these points, I receive the notification by cell-phone email and  get them at near satellite library.

Then store informations. I mainly use Gmail because if I use many services, it sometimes take many times to serch at where I store informations!
Gmail is very powerful tool because I put a information to several "tag" which I use about 20 tags.
Also I like analogue tools.
Articles of newspapers is very good. We subscribe real-paper newspaper and it is very good sources so I sometimes copy them by handy-scanner (sad to say that my i-pod's camera is week in resolutions! )
And pocket notebook is very good tools to memo.From the point of speed, analogue tools is good compared to the digital tools (i-pod, etc).

Then manage information.I mainly uses google document & goo-blog.
If these information are fixed information, I memorize it by blog, but if it is not fixed, I use google document because I can analyze or put in order.
If these protocols are omitted, I can't understand them, so just to storing informations is meaningless.

All these things can be done by free.
It is very good world !

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