May 26, 2012

About japanese education system

Recently, we often see a topic about changing japanese university system in various media. And Tokyo university annouced to start disccusion about changing of entrance timing from spring to autumn.
Many people including other university's presidents said it's good and I also think that it is good idea, but truely saying that it doesn't hit my heart.

That might be because it comes from what is university means and what is about the ranking of university.
Tokyo university said that it aimed to enter the world top ranking (now tokyo university is ranked 30th), but what it meaned ? Maybe that is why I didn't dislike this topic.

I think that education is most important thing for human being and searching for truth is very important thing, but in japan, entrancing high ranked university is the aim, and I think that it is strange thing.

I think internet is changing intelligence world so isn't there any meaning to study for entrancing university with so many times from children ?

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