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Very good period of time for studying

For what purpose do we study? There must be many reasons for each persons.

My reason is same as when I was a child (about age 3) until now. I want to know many things, simply curiosity.
This is all that motivate me. I simply choose my school and company simply because it might give me much intellectual excitement. If this level might be low, it is boring.

Nowadays, there are booms to learn, for example studying at some school like MBA school, etc. Of course it is very good thing, but like me who had little money for free and want to stay my own home with my family and play with my son, IT tool is very excellent things for studying.

Because there are huge amount of excellent videos,text,etc for free in English. The amount, quality, its level of materials is very higher than things of Japanese (of course there are good things existed, but there are huge gap between them because people all over the world use English)
And cost of IT environment is very cheap now.
Foe example in my home,…

Using web services

Recently, I use several web services to get&manage informations.

To get informations, rss reader (now I use google reader) is very good tools, but recently I also use facebook & twitter, because recently many site focus on social media  so these two pages (facebook&twitter) is very good for many websites (nature, economist, etc).
And recently I rent books from our city's library by requesting internet.
These userinterface is very excellent so when I read newspapers or etc and find intersting books, I memo these titles and reserve these books by internet and if these books are delibered to the library I selected (in our city, there are about 20 points including sattelite library to get these books).
If these books are derivered at these points, I receive the notification by cell-phone email and  get them at near satellite library.

Then store informations. I mainly use Gmail because if I use many services, it sometimes take many times to serch at where I st…

About japanese education system

Recently, we often see a topic about changing japanese university system in various media. And Tokyo university annouced to start disccusion about changing of entrance timing from spring to autumn.
Many people including other university's presidents said it's good and I also think that it is good idea, but truely saying that it doesn't hit my heart.

That might be because it comes from what is university means and what is about the ranking of university.
Tokyo university said that it aimed to enter the world top ranking (now tokyo university is ranked 30th), but what it meaned ? Maybe that is why I didn't dislike this topic.

I think that education is most important thing for human being and searching for truth is very important thing, but in japan, entrancing high ranked university is the aim, and I think that it is strange thing.

I think internet is changing intelligence world so isn't there any meaning to study for entrancing university with so many times from chi…

science & mathimatics

Today is 30 April and I am enjoying 9 consecutive holiday called "golden week" in Japan.
This year, if we took two paid holidays (1 and 2 May) we can enjoy 9 holiday, so I plan to take 9 holiday.

Recently, I was busy so today I enjoyed relaxing time with surfing webs. And when I happend to see Simon Singh's website, this was renewed and find the page of "felmat's last theory" which I very liked.
His books was very fantastic because he may like science and math and many reader can understand his love of science.


We bought 3 fertilizer near our house. \250 per sack. Recently templature is rising and cherry blossom season will soon come, so planting season is coming !

Terribly, our farm

We planed to plant potetos, so we digged our farm fot a long time. After digging, we found big stones and after removing them, this place began to a mud places. It was dangerous in such conditions because we couldn't step into this place! so we put back these stones and fixed them. It took about 2 hours and we were very tired.
After that, we put potatos which we cut  half and was covered with ashes which protect potatos from bacteria.

watch repairment (CASIO G-SHOCK)

G-SHOCK I bought about 14-15 years before was recently damaged at the protection parts, so I orderd this parts.

About 2,3 days after, it was delivered at repairing shop so I went to this CASIO repair department. It was about 1500 yen ($20) and renewed my watch. 
It was very cheap, but I liked this watched because design was simple and tough and not expensive!