December 3, 2011

summertime vacation -A trip to Hokkaidou(4-11 Aug.)

*day 5 (8.Aug.)

We stayed at youth hotel 2 night and left to the next destination, kushiro.

from youth hotel to the furano station, we took bus.

furano station

from furano to obihiro staion was local line, then changed the rapid train from obihiro to the kushiro sta.

kushiro station.

we chacked in the hotel and took bus tour aroun kushiro shitugen about 4 hours.

this is very good bus tour (we recommended) beause kushiro shitugen is very large and some erea is difficult to go by normal car, so this tour is not expensive and well organized ).

we left bus tour at kushiro fisherman's walf.

at fisherman's walf,  we ate dinner at robata-yaki.

then went back to hotel and day 5 was finished

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