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summertime vacation -A trip to Hokkaidou(4-11 Aug.)

Today is 11 Sep. and we are enjoying three straight holidays (today is the last day), so we write down our summer vacation trip memories.

This year, we have to take 1+1=2 week vacation due to reduce power supply(it is by 3.11 earthquage), so our team took 2 week vacation from 2-16 August and our family planed to go to Hokkaido from 4-11 Aug.

Our schedule was like this,
  -4 Aug. Itami airport(Osaka) to Shin-chitose airport(Hokkaido), Sapporo
  -5 Aug. Sapporo, Otaru
  -6 Aug. Otaru&Yoichi
  -7 Aug. Furano&Biei
  -8 Aug. Kushiro
  -9 Aug. Kushiro, Tomamu
  -10 Aug. Tomamu
  -11 Aug. Shin-chitose airport to Itami airport

It spent about 1 month when we returned from hokkaido, so I read our trip note and write down something.

*day 1 (4.Aug.)
We waked up 4 o'clock and left home at 5:20

this is itami-airport and he likes airplane very much !
After reaching at sapporo, we went to sushi-shop "hokusai". My wife checked all eating shop before!
Hokusai is near sapporo-sta…