September 19, 2011

summertime vacation -A trip to Hokkaidou(4-11 Aug.)

Today is 11 Sep. and we are enjoying three straight holidays (today is the last day), so we write down our summer vacation trip memories.

This year, we have to take 1+1=2 week vacation due to reduce power supply(it is by 3.11 earthquage), so our team took 2 week vacation from 2-16 August and our family planed to go to Hokkaido from 4-11 Aug.

Our schedule was like this,
  -4 Aug. Itami airport(Osaka) to Shin-chitose airport(Hokkaido), Sapporo
  -5 Aug. Sapporo, Otaru
  -6 Aug. Otaru&Yoichi
  -7 Aug. Furano&Biei
  -8 Aug. Kushiro
  -9 Aug. Kushiro, Tomamu
  -10 Aug. Tomamu
  -11 Aug. Shin-chitose airport to Itami airport

It spent about 1 month when we returned from hokkaido, so I read our trip note and write down something.

*day 1 (4.Aug.)
We waked up 4 o'clock and left home at 5:20

this is itami-airport and he likes airplane very much !

After reaching at sapporo, we went to sushi-shop "hokusai". My wife checked all eating shop before!
Hokusai is near sapporo-sta. (about 5 min. walk)
This shop is not big but very deliciou and we waited about 10 min to enter the shop.
After entered the shop, some people came to the shop but couldn't enter because our order was last one, so we were very lucky. (we reached the shop about 12:40)
in front of "hokusai"

after eating lunch, we went to the hotel at susukino (it is very cheap business hotel cost 5000 yen par one night, 3 person !) and went around sapporo town.

this is daytime susukino

this is sapporo oodori-koen and at summer time, there are many beer station.

he was tired walking !

we went to the sapporo document center.

then go to hokkaido prefectual governor house.

then walk, walk, walk

we could find hokkaido old prefecture office

then went to the "sapporo clock tower" (maybe this is most popular place in sapporo)

and went to the sapporo TV tower.

at sapporo oodori-park, there are many corn shop (corn is called "toukibi" at hokkaido)

then back to the night susukino town.

in susukino town, there is noodle-street called "ra-men yokochou"

we were very lucky because this is the first day of susukino festival.

this day, there were "oiran show"
this day, there was a japanese taiko show at this festival.

And 1 day was finished, to be continued..