May 3, 2011

A trip to Ise-shima

At 1-2 march, we went to ise-shima for vacation trip (map) , so today we felt a little tired and spending relax time.(my wife&my son is sleeping now and I spent doing computer with linux and writing like this. )

Ise-shima is very good for trip. It is about 200 km from Osaka, so it took about 4 hour to go there by car using highway.
We often used nemu no sato hotel because we can use company's coupon at this hotel and furthermore, atmosphere is very good because this hotel and cottage is inside forest and we can spent time by walking, tennis, riding bicycle, fishing, etc, so we sometimes used this hotel (this is year 2005 trip article).

This time, we can stay there by 9000 yen(about 90 $) with me, wife,son including breakfast using coupon (we have a given number of coupon per year so this time we use 8 coupon so we can use remaining 16 coupon this fiscal year).

this is fresh miekatu (fish shop) located at ise-city
and we bought luncheon with raw tuna
we had lunch at nakamura (ise noodle restaurant) and it is very good!

we arrived at hotel at 5 pm, and we stayed at Exceed nemu no sato, this is with 2 bed and 1 tatami room and electric cooking facility.
we ate tuna luncheon and ise noodle at tatami room

next day, we had breakfast. we can select rice, bread, foods, dessert and it is very deliciou! (it is included with hotel price)
this is entrance gate of exceed nemu no sato

this is chenkin counter at hotel nemu (anothe building).
there are 3 type of hotel.
there are 7 free thicket for playing.
it is painting with stone and shell
finish painting !

there are fishing facility and we did fishing (including 7 free ticket)
my wife get 2 fish, one is goby, another is blowfish.

there are many green and forest inside nemu no sato.
it is very wide,

We left 4 pm and arrived at our home at 8 pm and it is 470 km of round-trip.

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