March 27, 2011

Paul Klee

We went to the natinal museum of modern art, kyoto to see the exhibition of Paul Klee. (we often get ticket from newspaper shop) (map)

Kyoto kaikan

inside museum

The exhibition is very good, and we walked around kyoto-town.

heian jinguu
The scenary along river from heian-jingu to sijyou is very beautiful. I like there.

March 18, 2011

Earthquake happend in Japan (3/18 fri.)

Now is Friday night and this week was very hard time for me.
I slept about 4 hour per night almost everyday so I felt very sleepy and very tired.
Here osaka is not affected this earthquake and tsunami, but we related very close to the area of tokyo and function of tokyo is very damaged by the plan of stopping power supply, so we must check how much effect we are if power supply of tokyo area is stopped. And like this, this week was finished.
(and Japan's fiscal year is closed at March, so those two factor is mixed to boost our work!). Next day (sat.), I must go to office so I sleep now and refresh my brain.

But compared with people suffered from tsunami and earthquake and refugees from fukushima pref. where atomic power plant is located, we must thank to our happiness.

March 14, 2011

Earthquake happend in Japan (3/14 mon.)

Today(monday) was very busy day, because today was the first working day since last Friday.
Our company is located at Kansai district(west japan), but part of our office is located at Tokyo and part of our system is related to the system located at Tokyo, so we checked how much influences if power supply at Tokyo district would be shut down.
But some of employee (including related company's employee) couldn't go to office because of train's stopping at Kanto district so it was difficult to get the information.
Company like us located far from kanto was such situation, so company located at kanto(around tokyo) area might be terrible, I think.

And today, another atomic power plant was exploded, so it was very seriou situation.
I have some acquaintances at Tohoku area, so I am worried about their safety.

March 13, 2011

Earthquake happend in Japan

On Friday afternoon, big earthquake had occured.

I worked at office at Osaka. At first, next branch's team used TV conference to Tokyo office and tokyo team said earthquake had occured, and a few seconds later, we felt earthquake.
Our office is at 11th floor and swing was very big so we felt very awful if our building was collapsed. It was about 2:30 PM.
Afterthat, we switched our TV on and saw what happend in Japan, so our work had almost stopped afterthat.
(safely, my house in Osaka and my parents and brother and sister's house in Shizuoka-pref. was safe)

Magnitude 8.8 was very huge. Newspapers said it is the biggest magnitude earthquke in japan since authority had a record.
Our hometown shizuoka was said to be occurd big earthquake since I was a child 30-40 years ago, so we had many training since i was a junior school, so at first I thought that earthquake at shizuoka had finally happend !
This eqrthquke had happend at touhoku-region so maybe many japanese thinked why, maybe this region is not so known for earthquke compared with other region.

After that, almost all of TV and newspapers had occupied by earthquake's news.
Of course, the damage of earthquake and tsunami was huge, but the fear of nuclear facilities damage in fukushima-pref. was serious.