September 5, 2010

Otani museum, etc

We got some tickets so went to the nishinomiya-city otani museum and saw "2010 Original picture exhibition of Bologna International picture book festival" (Bologna Fiera del Libro per Ragazzi).
It was first time to go to Otani museum and it was a very good museum because it has a beautiful garden in it and atmosphire was very good so we liked it. Furthermore, its" exhibition was very good and pictures were very intersting and cool.
We always read picture books for our son so we are accustomed to picture books, that's one reason we liked this exhibition.

Afterthat, we went to motomachi-station at kobe-city and went to daimaru-dep. museum to see the "RIMPA, JAKUCHU and the world of elegance -selection for the hosomi collection, kyoto". It was also good but impression of otani museum was so strong that we finished watching them about 20 min.

After such things, it was evening time and around there was very beautiful in color an light.

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