August 16, 2010

New netbook has arrived !

Our new netbook has arrived yesterday !

I bought netbook 2 month ago (ASUS Aspire One), but recently it was suddenly broken when my wife connected a mouse and power supply suddenly down !
ASUS Aspire One was good because it was cheap (30 thousant yen) and display is 1240 * 720 and 11.6inch wide, but weight is a liitle heavy and CPU Power is also a little weak so I asked the shop to change another netbook when it was broken, and shop said they paid back 30 thousant yen.
So I searched at shop and web then ordered the new netbook at

This one is by mouse computer which is an BTO(Built To the Order) company in japan. This company isn't so popular in Japan but its spec and price is very good because it is the same price as Aspire One(30 thousant yen), same display resolution and CPU is latest one (Atom N450 and graphic chipset is MN3500) and weight is lighter(1 kg) so I orderd it (it is the last one amazon listed).

We used it some days and I liked because it is easy to carry and graphics is smooth compared to the old one.
At first, I wonderd why it is so cheap and find some reasons. It has no exstra materials because there are no manual, no PC cover and no extra software (Microsoft Office, etc). But recently we can use OpenOffice by downloading from internet, so no problem at all.
It is like Ikea style because their product contained minimum manual and no extra materials.

Recently, cloud services are good so we only need internet accessiblity(wireless) plus low price netbook and that's enough. Amazing lowprice (30000yen = about $300)...good world!
Anyway, I like it.

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