May 2, 2010

Ooji zoo (kobe-city)

Ooji-zoo (MAP) is a famous and very popular zoo at Kansai.
Today was fine day and it is in the "golden-week" vacation time, so we left home at 9:30 and took train about 1.5 hour.

Arriving at Nada station where japanese sake is famous.

From station to the zoo, it took about 5 min to walk.This erea is calm and nice place.

When we arrived there, there were so many people because it was the best season to go around.

Elephant! I didn't see elephant for a long time so it was fresh to me, but my son was tired so he didn't show attention.
This zoo have many places to be watched and it took about one day to go around, so we(me and he) are a little tired to walk (my wife took the picture).

After sleep about 10 min, we went to aquarium and it is very nice because we could watch penguin through the water and the color of water was very wonderful!

And this zoo's most popular animal is Panda.

After leaving zoo about 3:40 pm, we walked to the south to go to "Nagisa park" next to sea.

There are Hyougo-pref. Art Musium next to Nagisa park and it is by architect Tadao Ando. At first I don't know that this is by his work, but my wife suggest if it is by Tadao because the atmosphere is like him (I go to watch many Tadao's architecture so she know his style maybe.) I like his architecture because his architecture is, what I should explain my feeling, artistic and strong.

After eating dinner at food court near shopping center, we took train and arrived at home about 21:20 and very tired but happy day.

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