March 14, 2010

Swiming school for baby

Every sunday is a day for swiming for baby class.
We have been to a hirakata swiming school for about half a year. Baby class was done 3 days a week and on Sunday I swim with him.(on weekday, my wife swim with him)

At first, I was not willing to the class, but recently I am accustomed to do it because it is good for health (my work is deskwork so I have little time to exercise). And after swiming time about 40 minutes, we have hot spa time and take a shower and take a lunch box at a seat. So always, we left home about 11:30 and swiming class began at 12:00 and finished eating about 14:00 and afterthat, we drive to shopping, etc.

This swiming school is famous around here because Athens olympic medalist yuko nakanishi is a member of this school and I like this school.

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