February 3, 2010

About life

Recently, I sometimes think about the happiness of my life. Maybe that is because I had a family and my house and our child and feel very happy.
First time I had thought such a thing was maybe when I triped mainly to Europe 20 years ago, and I felt that the quality of life is better than that of Tokyo, I mean that compared with Japan, the philosopy of life seemed to be based upon the happiness of life. In japan, their life is based on company or society (student go to cram school to enter good university, etc) and I grow up in such circumstance so I was shocked to experience such things.

For "good and model" salaried worker, the proportion of work must be bigger in proportion to the period of time of company's man, but I often think what is "happy".
My sense of value might be changed compared to what I was student 20 years ago.

The sense of value might be different to person to person, and recently such books (about the way of life, for example, the way of life not to try one's best, and another books says trying one's best lead to happiness, etc ) was published in Japan, but for me to say, that is very stupid things because it is one's sense of life so there are no answer for it, but stupid japanese easily seek "right answer".
Digressing from the story, the sense of value is very important for me.

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