August 8, 2009

Our ordinary life

Since we had a child about one year ago, we didn't watch TV due to my wife's principle.
At first, I was against her, but some month had passed and we didn't feel unconvenient because I can catch the news from newspapers and FM radio we heard at morning time and furthermore recently internet is a part of our life so we can get many informations.

And from experiencing the life without TV, I know that I wasted many time watching TV. And night time, we limited the room lights and opened the windows and heard the sound of trees and leaves touching each other and there are no sound without them
so we feel living in the country side. And I can relaxly hearing music, playing with kid, reading books at home. I like that kind of style very much.

Below was the picture of "bon odori", the traditional gathering at summer nights, dancing with traditional japanese songs.

He liked bon-odori very much !

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