May 31, 2009

Swine influenza in Osaka

Two weeks has passed since swine influenza was discovered in Kansai-region (Kobe city).
Osaka pref. and Hyougo pref. was designated as infected areas.

And many workers included me was restrected to go out to another inafected prefectures so many co-workers had to cancel their schedules (ex. Tokyo, Kyusyu-area).In my company,we must wear musk (without saying that we must wear musk)and it was difficult to speak due to musk.(but this instraction was released 2 days before.)
My wife canceled all schedules for our son to go to public area like children's meeting organized by hirakata-city. Also we bought many emergency foods for two weeks(because Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare recomended to prepare two-weeks-foods).And now, many people didn't wear musk even in the commuter-train.

It feel terrible if it was bird influenza. If so, maybe I took holiday and didn't take train and the function of city might not work. Even for children, this might be terrible situation, so I thank it didn't prevalent.

May 3, 2009