March 14, 2009

Cristmas Rose

At last, christmas rose came into flower ! From my memo, we bought them 2 years before and didn't come into flower.

This day was hot, so we walked around my house. There is two parks near my house and both is located at the top of small hill and both are small parks but I like both. Below is "kouri no mori park"

Below is second park "souzou no mori park" (#map). And inside this park, there are japanese apricots so this is best season to celebrate the blossoms.

This park is unique because there are ancient tomb in this park. (over there, there are glasses and under there, there are two small tombs existed). This tomb is named "中振丸山古墳(nakaburi maruyama tomb)" aged 5-6 A.D. and clay images and wooden coffin are discoverd.
Clay images are also discoverd in the "kouri no mori park".