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New Year's Trip

In this new year vacation, we went back to my hometown Shizuoka-city. (Maps)

For our baby, This is his first long trip by car, because we departed at midnight 2 o'clock, 31. Dec for cost saving ( we could save superhighway's fee by 50% off if we used it between 0-4 o'clock ) and arrived at shizuoka about 8 o'clock AM. It is about 370 km drive.
Before going directly back to my parent's home, we drop to my grandfather and grandmother's grave (above pictures ), because my wife wanted to express her thanks to have our children. (she said we had a child after visiting my grandfather & grandmother's grave).

( in our car at morning )
So we arrived my parent's house about 10 o'clock AM. My parents met him once when he was born after 1 week, so my parents was so pleased with him.
At lunch time, we went to "shoan" neay parent's home which my wife liked very much, because she liked "kakiage-don"( rice served in a bowl with fried small s…

Cafe komeda

Here is Komeda's coffee. It is very popular cafe shop around nagoya-pref. and this is Komeda's first shop at kansai region and was opend recently so we went there.#Map