November 3, 2009

Ooyamazaki-museum (Kyoto)

We went to Asahi-beer Ooyamazaki moutain villa museum at 12,Octorber.(Map)
Ooyamazaki is a town of Kyoto-pref. located at the border of Kyoto and Osaka, and it is a small but beautiful town surrounded by the nature.

This museum is on the side of a mountain and this is a place where hideyoshi was battled to conquest japan about 500 years ago, but now it is very calm place.

There is a slope to the museum.
This museum is surrounded by nature and very beautiful.
Over there, we can see the museum and it was the mountain villa of a industrialist.
This side is a architecture of Tadao Ando made of concrete.

At first sight, ando's architecture is normal concrete building but there is a beautiful forum existed and I imagine many things from his architecture, maybe his architecture stimulate our creativity. That's why I like his architecture.

September 12, 2009

Myoushinji temple (Kyoto)

We went to the Myoushinji temple.(MAP)
There were no special meaning to go there, but we often go to the north-east erea of kyoto because we took keihan-train and we seldom go around myoushinji erea (north-west of Kyoto) so I decided to go there.

From our home to the myoushinji temple, it took about 1.5 hour by car, and there are parkinglot so we didn't need to pay a parking charge.

Myoushinji temple is very large and unique temple because it consist of many tacyuu(塔頭) which is small temple gathering around the tomb of founder. And it is Zen Buddhism temple.
It was not crowded and scenary is beautiful so we liked the temple.

August 8, 2009

Our ordinary life

Since we had a child about one year ago, we didn't watch TV due to my wife's principle.
At first, I was against her, but some month had passed and we didn't feel unconvenient because I can catch the news from newspapers and FM radio we heard at morning time and furthermore recently internet is a part of our life so we can get many informations.

And from experiencing the life without TV, I know that I wasted many time watching TV. And night time, we limited the room lights and opened the windows and heard the sound of trees and leaves touching each other and there are no sound without them
so we feel living in the country side. And I can relaxly hearing music, playing with kid, reading books at home. I like that kind of style very much.

Below was the picture of "bon odori", the traditional gathering at summer nights, dancing with traditional japanese songs.

He liked bon-odori very much !

May 31, 2009

Swine influenza in Osaka

Two weeks has passed since swine influenza was discovered in Kansai-region (Kobe city).
Osaka pref. and Hyougo pref. was designated as infected areas.

And many workers included me was restrected to go out to another inafected prefectures so many co-workers had to cancel their schedules (ex. Tokyo, Kyusyu-area).In my company,we must wear musk (without saying that we must wear musk)and it was difficult to speak due to musk.(but this instraction was released 2 days before.)
My wife canceled all schedules for our son to go to public area like children's meeting organized by hirakata-city. Also we bought many emergency foods for two weeks(because Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare recomended to prepare two-weeks-foods).And now, many people didn't wear musk even in the commuter-train.

It feel terrible if it was bird influenza. If so, maybe I took holiday and didn't take train and the function of city might not work. Even for children, this might be terrible situation, so I thank it didn't prevalent.

March 14, 2009

Cristmas Rose

At last, christmas rose came into flower ! From my memo, we bought them 2 years before and didn't come into flower.

This day was hot, so we walked around my house. There is two parks near my house and both is located at the top of small hill and both are small parks but I like both. Below is "kouri no mori park"

Below is second park "souzou no mori park" (#map). And inside this park, there are japanese apricots so this is best season to celebrate the blossoms.

This park is unique because there are ancient tomb in this park. (over there, there are glasses and under there, there are two small tombs existed). This tomb is named "中振丸山古墳(nakaburi maruyama tomb)" aged 5-6 A.D. and clay images and wooden coffin are discoverd.
Clay images are also discoverd in the "kouri no mori park".

January 17, 2009

New Year's Trip

In this new year vacation, we went back to my hometown Shizuoka-city. (Maps)

For our baby, This is his first long trip by car, because we departed at midnight 2 o'clock, 31. Dec for cost saving ( we could save superhighway's fee by 50% off if we used it between 0-4 o'clock ) and arrived at shizuoka about 8 o'clock AM. It is about 370 km drive.
Before going directly back to my parent's home, we drop to my grandfather and grandmother's grave (above pictures ), because my wife wanted to express her thanks to have our children. (she said we had a child after visiting my grandfather & grandmother's grave).

( in our car at morning )

So we arrived my parent's house about 10 o'clock AM. My parents met him once when he was born after 1 week, so my parents was so pleased with him.

At lunch time, we went to "shoan" neay parent's home which my wife liked very much, because she liked "kakiage-don"( rice served in a bowl with fried small shrimp ) very much. I like "oden" very much because shizuoka-city is famous for "oden" and taste good !

( kakiage-don )

( oden )

In front of this restaurant, we could see Mt. Fuji over there. At shizuoka, we can enojoy Mt. Fuji's scenary and very beautiful especially in winter time because they had snow at the top. (we couldn't see Mt. Fuji from Osaka ! )

And 1-st day had passed.

Jan. 1, 2009

We ate "osechi" ( japanese new year's breakfirst, lunch, dinner ) to celebrate our new year.

( My sister's daughters )

Osechi was consist with various nutriments and preserved in a certain period so we could save cooking at New Year's season. After breakfirst, my son received "otoshi-dama" ( a New Year's present included with money ) from my father.

( They enjoyed playing )

Maybe, our son might enjoyed very much because he had little chance to play with children with almost same age.

And so on, 2 days had passed very soon and we left Shizuoka at midnight 3 o'clock AM, Jan. 2.

January 11, 2009

Cafe komeda

Here is Komeda's coffee. It is very popular cafe shop around nagoya-pref. and this is Komeda's first shop at kansai region and was opend recently so we went there.