October 12, 2008

Interesting books,etc.

Recently, I am curious about the author "kenichiro mogi"(japanese blog, english-blog).

I knew him but until recently, I am not interested about him and his book ( I know his thema "qualia" by title ). And recently we can see him on TV and he publish many book in a short interval, and his way of thinking and point of view was very interesting to me so I read his books and website. (recently I am stuck on his website)

I wonder why I am curious about his book and website, and maybe I am starving for some intellectual things.
I found "hideo kobayashi", "hideo noguchi" from his writing and I aloso read the book of "kang sang jung" and he was also influenced by "soseki natume". Also I read his blog and it refered the website "edge" which I liked, that's strange feeling and also interesting to me.

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