September 19, 2008

Recently thinking

Recently I often think about what is most important for me, especially when I was tired of working and lost my motivation (for ironing out the differences of opinions and failed).

For me, maybe my starting point is the intention to know something new, to do something intersting, to acomplish something by my effort, to be excited! Maybe this is all. (The amount of wage and position is not so important for me if we can live carefully.)

Sometimes I was at a loss what I am doing for, for what I want to do. And in such a case, I cooled down my head and ask for myself what I want to do for, then came back to the starting point and recoverd myself.

September 14, 2008

Okui zome

Okui zome is a japanese ceremony not to eat forever his life. It is usually done 100 days after baby's born, but in our case a little late.
It is a ceremony so baby really don't eat (baby pretended to eat )
At first, I didn't know the ceremony but my wife's parents said to my wife that it must be done because my wife and my wife's brother also did it.

finished settings.

A sea bream.

He sat on his grandfather's legs.

When he eat, suddenly he cried !

Crying ! !

Crying ! ! !
His grandmother had a black stone and it is also ceremony.

Finished ceremony.

He might feel safe, maybe.