August 15, 2008

Omiya mairi (July 26)

We went to a Shinto shrine to do a celemony "Omiya mairi", which was done for a happyness and good health of the baby. And fortunately, there are a big shrine "Naritasan Osaka" neay our home, so we did it there.

It is usual that this celemony is done at 31 days(for boy) or 30 days(for girl) after baby was born, but in the case of our family, parents was not in a good-condition at that time and furthermore we thought that it was not good for baby to go outside, so we did it at 2 months after he was born.

In this shirine, this celemony was done every 2 hours, so we took part in at 9:30 AM. It was done in a way of Shinto-style in a dark hall, incense was burn and a Shinto priest read a sutra and some priest beated a japanese drum (one baby was cried with a big sound!) and the priest read the baby's name (in this celemony, about 10-15 baby was attended) and after celemony was finished, another priest push the special paper at baby's head with cloth's hammer and finished.

This picture was taken after celemony was finished.

We didn't know about the celemony thoroughly untile now but as far as I klnow, almost every family did this celemony. I felt a little strange because as far as we talked them, they didn't seem to be interested in Shrine or Temple or Japanese traditional culture (maybe this is average japanese family below age 40-50), but I think this is good celemony.

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