April 16, 2008

Goldsmith College, UK

When I was a graduated student, I went to London and enjoyed summer school at Goldsmith college for about a month, because I wanted to spend good time at that period.
Goldsmith college was located near New Cross station and I stayed at dormitory of this college, because at summer time, dormitory was empty due to the summer vacation time.

And I happened to watch Flickr yesterday and search the word "New Cross", then found Goldsmith College's & around this area's picture and felt longing for this town.

New Cross is located about half an hour from central London by train, so it is very convenient place to go around central London. And this town is not so big (in another saying, feel a little deserted-looking), so I enjoyed the fist experience of abroad in a relaxing mode, so I liked this town very much.

If you see this picture , you can see the dormitory(*) where I stayed about 20 years ago, so I am deeply moved.

(*) UK's college is started at September, so at summer time, student go back to their hometown or go to trip and many rooms are not used, so some dormitory are used for such purpose like language school, etc. maybe.

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