August 19, 2005


My first memory about "Proms" was that when I stayed London for summer school about 1 month, some of  students were talking about Proms. And recently I happend to watch BBC HP and found that I could hear all program of Proms from here. I recollected my London's memory after 16 years.

What I felt at UK,also traveling around EU, was that music is a part of their life so I can hear very beautiful classic music played by young college students with violines, etc. I was deeply moved.

As seen this Proms's program, there are of course standard music lineup but also latest ones like world premium of "The Little Mermaid", so the width of variation makes me surprised.

August 8, 2005

With a song in my heart; Tonu Naissoo

This is a CD when I happend to hear at a CD shop (JEUGIA ) at Umeda, Osaka.
It is released from Sawano-kobo which is a lebel specialized in JAZZ music and this tonu naissoo trio is from Estonia (this lebel handle variou kind of JAZZ CD from all over the world) and the sound of piano is soft and easy to hear so I liked it.