Sunday, March 19, 2017

Kinkakuji temple, etc

This was 3 days national holiday so we went to Kyoto around kinkakuji.

I had visited there two times before, but it is our family's first visit since my son was born. Kinkakuji is a little inconvinient to go because it is located north west of kyoto where there is no train. Bus is only way of public transportation so my image is tha  bus is always crowded and move slowly due to traffic jam, that's why we didn't go this district.
Anyway, we decided to go there, and my wife agreed with this plan because kinkakuji is among world heritage so she thinks that it is good for his education.

We took keihan railway, changed to bus No. 59 at sanjo-keihan, got off at kinkakuji mae. Especially last bus stop (kinkakuji dou to kinkakuji mae) was in heavy traffic jam, took 15 min in this section, so it was about 1 hour's bus tour.

Before arriving the last bus stop, I found the name of district "murasakino(紫野)" and I was surprised, because the name of murasakino appears in my favorite waka  which is "あかねさす 紫野行き標野行き 野守は見ずや 君が袖振る" by nukata no ookimi in manyo-syuu(japanese first poet book).
Manyo-syuu is published around mid 8 a.c. so I felt like I was going back to this period of time. 

I'm so amazing that there was so many people. It was not special season and there are so many sightseeing spot around kyoto so I didn't expect such peoples.
I didn't remember the exact day but last visit to kinkakuji was around year 2000 and I remember there was not so many people.

Most significant change was portion of other country's people. Maybe 2 of 3 people are from foreign country, I guessed. In addition to that, there are so many souvenir shop in kinkakuji temple. I think that it should be outside temple because it is like amusement place. It seemed to lost heart of temple.

Anyway, we left kinkakuji temple and walking south.

About 20 min. walking, there is hirano shirine.It is famous for cherry blossom so they were preparing cherry blossom festival.

And next to hirano shirine, there is kitano tanman-gu shirine.
It is famous for the god of education and also famous for japanese apricot tree.
It is well maintained compared with hirano shirine so this temple is beautiful and flower of apricot was very beautiful. This was my first visiting of this shirine but I liked it.

There were long line of people, maybe they came here to thank their passing of examination (The result of school's entrance examination was published around early March).

Then we took a bus and arrived at sanjo-keihan. The bus stop In front of kitano-tenmangu were very crowded so we selected another bus no.15 whose bus stop were a little far from there.

Good quality, very low prices

I likes things that are low prices, good quality. These days, there are many such things around us. It is very good.

For example, yesterday we went to newly opend shoes shop which was opend yesterday in limited period (until May). This shop is "shoes HIRAKI" famous for low prices. These shoes costs 1000 yen (10$) for each !
Before, these things are not good design and not good quality, but these days, they are not. I like both (my wife and son also bought so all are about 6000 yen.. )

I also bought MP3 player at amazon which is about 3500 yen and I like it very much.
(also last week, I bought 2G memory for the netbook which I'm now using and cost1500 yen)

I think net shopping like amazon promotes this trend, but in Japan there are 100 yen shop exists and it is also big impact.
100 yen shop matchs japanese mentality who likes cheap and sensible things very much.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Home security system

Last week, we bought panasonic home-security system.

We didn't care about such things but recently our neibours had some troubles like their garbage bags been searched, finding some strange persons around there, and they bought security camera or took part in home-security services. So we decided to buy such system.

There are many such system in and we selected panasonic's one because it is very sophiscatedly designed system.

It costs about 20,000 yen including home-security hub and outdoor-type camera with sensing devices included, which are communicating using wifi(direct) and also connecting with our home's wifi rooter, so we can monitor camera sensing from inside or outside home. If it detected some strange person, it tells our smartphone ! Very amazing.

At first, I read some information which said that it required fixed IP address if we can accept alarm notices outside our home, so I thought that we can't use this function because we don't have fixed IP address, but we can get alarm notices outside our home(after reading detail information, it requires global IP address !)
It might be using private VPN pass but anyway amazing.

It is a little difficult for ordinary person to set up perfectly by oneself because some settings are not descibed in mannual but we are lucky that our neibour use same type so I can get answer for this troublesome. It is 2 points below,

- This camera always alarms when detecting somethings and it is noisy especially in night so we want to do it silent, but can't find this function.
(answer) sellecting camera mode and tap top-right function and we can select camera sound.

-If camera detects somethings, it notice to our smartphone but it didn't work.
(answer) sellecting monitor-mode and tap top-right function and we can select to which it notice alarm.Our neighbor tells us that it is described in video mannual in panasonic HP

So I think that it is better if such notices are written in paper manual.
Also reading comments about android apps of google play, there are some bad comments. Indeed around wifi connection issue needs some tecnique, but I think that this system is very well designed, I like it very much.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ski at biwako valley

Last saturday was our first skiing on this winter season.
This winter, snow is so little that our ordinary ski resorts were almost difficult to play so we changed our destination to biwako valley ski resort.

This day, the weather was perfect so we enjoyed skiing very much !

This time too our son joined ski school.Ski school's fee is a little expensive (¥5000).

He can ski well in normal slope,
but learning basic method is good for beginner for future progress.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Winter holiday at shizuoka

4 days has passed
since we ( I and my son ) came back to my hometown shizuoka (my wife had been working so she  came here today)

28,Dec. at Kyoto station.

Arrived at shizuoka station, my mother was waiting for my son.

Regular lunch at sho-an when we came back to my hometown. We loved shrimp-fried bowl.

From this shop. Mt fuji is very beautiful in winter-time.

Dinner at my parents house.

Fuku-ichi was crowded with people buying their new-year foods.
It is near our parents house.

3rd day(30, Dec) we went here to buy eggs "biou-ran". This egg tastes very good so my parents buy here when we come back.

This is riverbed of abe-river. There is heliport. We always came here because it's near home and we love this atmosphere.

My son and father were searching beautiful stone. I had done this when I was same age as my son. There are many memory around abe-river.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

New desktop PC

We had been using HP desktop PC for 6 years and suddenly it broke down.
It was due to hard-drive's brokage and I tried to replace HD but it might be that motherboard of this PC was also broken according to the analysis of PC shop so I decided to buy new one.
We'are setting PC in our living room so compact one is better (HP's one was all-in-one type) so we decided to buy all-in-one type.
HP's internet-order type was cheapest 6 years ago but this time, lenovo PC is cheapest so we ordered it(ideacentre AIO 510S). It is 23 inch and pentium iCore5 model.

I was very surprised that it was deliverd 2 days after I ordered it! It was thin and stylish compared with our former one(HP) so we loved it very much.
Price are 85,000 yen (about $800), almost same as former one(HP) and very cheap compared with desktop pc saled at real shop.It was windows10 pre-instoled one so we could soon use it.

Surprising thing is that it only contain basic instruction of how to set up. It is like IKEA.Japanese model like NEC, Fujitsu,Toshiba contains many manual and additional software but this one does not. As far as reading review of this PC, it is world model(there are 15 posts for the PC, only 1 person is japanese).
It contains electrial manual inside PC and there are indeed lenovo app inside PC and we can check this PC also inquire some support to lenovo support desk. It is enough for me but it does not suit for people like my parent.

There are several dissatisfaction point (ex. there are 2 USB port and 1 port is used for wireless mouse! there is headphone plague back to the PC! etc ) but I like this stylish PC.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Akashi city

We went to akashi city because my company's branch held a track meet.


The athletic field is located inside akashi park in front of akashi station.
After cheering, we walked around akashi city.

Akashi city is famous for akashi-yaki, which is a kind of tako-yaki.
We walked along the shopping street and there are several akashi-yaki shops.

We entered this shop because it shows that it is 550 yen($5) including 15 peaces of akashi-yaki for one person.
Akashi yaki is called tamago(=egg)-yaki. The surface of ako-yaki is solid but surface of akashi-yaki is soft, shaped like an egg (color is yellow like egg) so it might be called tamago-yaki, I guess.

It tasted very good.

This is famous akashi-yaki shop.

Over this shop, there are sea-shore and we walked aroud there.
It was fine day so we enjoyed walking around akashi-city. Akashi city is not big city but I liked this city.