June 18, 2018

Earthquake happend in Osaka, Japan

Today was terrible, very tired day.

This morning, earthquake happend at 7:58 AM. It was 6 weak degree in Japanese indication and big earthquake. In japan, earthquake is not rare but Osaka is second biggest city and it was a big earthquake.

I was on the way to Kobe and was at JR Osaka station and waited at platform. Suddenly platform was shaken and everybody sat down. And all trains were stopped.

I had waited until noon at Osaka station, sitting at station stairs. But train were stopped except a few under subways. My office is at kobe, west from Osaka about 30 km and almost impossible to go there so I changed to Osaka office by subway.

After contacting to kobe office by telephone, e-mail, I came back to my home after working time. At that time, I could take a keihan train to our home so I could go back to my home. I was very lucky because many train had still been stopping at that time.

Near my home, some walls were broken.

Our hirakata-city is very near to the center of earthquage and water was dirty so our city delivered water. We (I and my son ) went to junior high school and got water.

When I left home this morning, I hardly imagined such situation so we all human couldn't expect what will happen next.