August 20, 2018

A limestone cave, etc

Yesterday, I happened to read newspaper's article about "kawachi no fu-ketsu" which is a limestone cave at shiga, and we decided to go there.
We left hirakata about 10:20 and arrived there at 12:20 and it is very beautiful and natural place.

Inside the cave, air was cool and outside the cave, there is a beautiful and very cold river and I was refreshed by the air.

Then we moved back to oumi-hachiman city where it is famous for canal.
After short coffee break, we went to La Collina, which is confectionary shop.
It is also famous for beautiful landscape.

Then we moved to hachiman-bori. It was sunday evening and time is over 6PM so people are not crowded and we enjoy these atmosphere.

We had arrived at home about 10PM but it was very good summer short trip.