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Economy as an weapon

Recently I read "武器としの経済学" by kenichi ohmae and some articles are intersting.

1. About japanese national pension status
(1) 60 % of japanese people pay national pension, that means 40% people didn't pay. He said that this pension plan has already been over.(yukio noguchi also say same thing)
Ratio of age over 65 year was 23% at year 2010, 26.6% at year 2015, and will be 38.4% at year 2065, that means 2 of 5 people are over 65 years old at year 2065 so 1.3 people support one person over 65 years old.Current pension plan was made when population was growing year by year and now this premise is broken so this pension plan is over.
(2) He propose 2 plan.
One is to promote accepting emigration. for example, about 30% of population of California are emigration. On the other hand, ratio of foreiner in japan is only 2%. But this plan might be difficult to introduce in current japan.Second plan is to change the national pension plan. He pointed out reaganomics. President Reagan did tw…

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