May 6, 2018

A trip to shikoku (day third)

This was final day of our short trip.
We planed to walk around ushimado erea and go to okayama kourakuen.

I didn't know about ushimado but I like this atmosphere.
I liked there because it is not comercialized and this town is "normal" old japanese style as I was a child.
Setouchi sea is very calm and I like this silence.

There is maejima island and also ferry so we took it.
It costed 250 yen(about $2) for a round-trip ticket and 5 minutes on board.

Then we had lunch at kitchen kaizoku (pirate).

And our last destination was okayama kourakuen and okayama-castle.
Kourakuen is one of three japanese famous garden. Last year, we went to kanazawa kenroku-en which is also one of three so we went two of three.
Kourakuen is very beautiful garden so we loved it.
And okayama castle is a building constructed with reinforced concrete but we enjoyed the view around okayama-city at the top of the castle.
We were surprised to watch kyougen at kourakuen a Noh stage.

And 3 days trip was over. Total driving distance was about 1000km but we enjoyed this trip very much.