November 28, 2018

Koudaiji temple, Intokuin, etc Kyoto

My wife recently loved to see "sego-don" which deals with meiji new era 150 years before, and she wanted to go their related places so we went to higashiyama-erea.
This autumn season, kyoto is very crowded for autumn leaves so we left home before 8 AM.

First, stepped out at sijo station around 9 AM.

Turned right at yasaka shrine. It is ordinally course.

First, we went to koudai-ji where very beautiful garden is famous. This temple was built around 1600 A.D. by famous general hideyoshi toyotomi's wife nene. I've sometimes visited this temple and I loved it.

Then we moved to Intoku-in next to takadai-ji. Maybe it is my first visit to this temple.  It is small but very well reserved and garden is also beautiful.
We did Sutra copying and we could select thema of Sutra.

Then we moved to this day's main event "ryouzai musium of history".
We could see many monuments.

This day, kyoto university's november festival was held so we moved there.
Passing through chion-in, we arrived near sanjo station where we ate lunch at miyako

Then riding train and walked a little, we arrived at kyoto university.

This time, quiz convention was held and my son loved quiz very much so he participated in this convention.

This festival was intersting but this day was very very cold day so we decided to go home.

At evening, kyoto around shijo area were very crowded so it was hard to walk!
But this day we enjoyed short trip very much. Kyoto is very fantastic place.