October 10, 2016

Harvesting sweet potatos

Today, we harvested sweet potatos.

It had been raining continuously so today is best day for harvesting.
Our parents also came here because my son called them and we began to harvest.

It took about 1.5 hour, very tired.
I bought 20 peaces of sweet potato's seedlings (about 1000 Yen, 10$) and harvested 70 peaces of potatos. It might be that one peace of sweet potato is about 100-200 Yen so it is not so bad.
I chose "naruto-kintoki" brand which is very popular one in Japan.

After harvesting, we shared potatos half for parents and us.
My mother-in-law immediately cooked "daigaku-imo" which is popular home cooking in Japan.  My son loved them very much.

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