December 23, 2015

Cloud program using App Inventor

As writing this, I tried App Inventor on chrome OS.
I can program app very easily (about 30 min) and all needed are
  • PC ( cheap one is ok )
  • Smart Phone
  • Wifi accesibility ( in home )
  • gmail account

Chrome OS works on browser but it is not neccesary to install linux app.
Detail is here but we can program my own app in app inventor's website and reflect programing instantly to my smartphone via home wifi network.

I programed my first android program according to this article.
Amazing, because when I tried Android studio on linux, android studio is very very heavy and furthermore it took sometimes to run app in my smartphone (plus needed usb-cable).
This is very wonderful product so I want to teach my child(7 years old) this usage !

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