August 2, 2014

For what studying ?

Recently, I read a book written by an attorney woman graduated first on the list of University of Tokyo.
As reading it, I felt strange because as far as her books, she study hard to get high rank score. I can't understand her basic idea.

For what does she study ?
People went to school because they want to know things they didn't know. From such view point, Score should not be the object.
Studying for a name or rank means nothing. It's waste of time.
If I have time, I want to use time for true study.Maybe for science favoring people like me can understand such way of thinking.
Knowing fantasic idea human being got to know is fascnating things, and for me, this is the most important thing for life.
But as far as I know, many of japanese people is like her, and such sense of value might be hard to change, I think.