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Reading today's nikkei newspaper, it says about JMOOC: This article says that
-it is done by japanese
-He (this article's author: jmooc's head) want users to power up their value to utilize it
-He hope many university'll provide many lectures

I think it is nonsense. I use itune-university and three moocs(cousera, edX,udacity) + khan, and it is very fantasitic ! I use them simply because they are very intersting to me, not for power up my capability or for my promotion. Mind your business !

Reading this artcile, I'm wondering about what is university now. Nowadays, we can learn many things from internet for free and it is revolutionary. So are there still something attracting things in japanese university?
I simply chose TIT because I like electronics, math & scinece and this college attract me very much(cheap tuition fee is one reason: I'm not sure but maybe 1000 $ per year and second reason is easiness to enter. I'm now sure now b…