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summer trip to shizuoka, Mt Fuji, etc

We went back to my hometown shizuoka-city from 9 Fri. to 11 Sun.
Before starting, I had a kidney stone and had a very hard ache from 5 to 8 night (at 9 morning, the kidney stone went out of my body), so we went back by shinkansen bullet train. My son liked it very much because it was the first time to ride this train for him.

After arriving at shizuoka, my father and mother and my two cousins welcomed us at shizuoka-station, then ate lunch at shoan which my wife liked very much. I like kakiage-don which contained much pinkish shrimps Kakiage(tempura) but this day I orderd maguro-don(tsuna-don).
At this shop, there were oden which was popular at shizuoka-city and I liked it very much, so I orderd them.

Next day, we went to "mizube no rakkou" at ushizuma, where we went last summer. This place was opend at summer time and my son liked it very much. It also costed zero yen !

After that, we went to fujinomiya-city to watch shiraito falls and Mt. Fuji. We can arrive there about 1…