July 24, 2013

Iga ueno city, Ninja museum

We went to Iga-ueno city to see Ninja show. Recently, my son likes ninja, and he practice how to make syuriken by origami-paper at kindergarden and Iga-ueno is the place where I wanted to go, so we went there at 21 July.

It was about 1.5 hour by car and we arrived there about 1 p.m. and ate lunch at okonomiyaki shop "Ito".

This shop is like normal house, and we make okonomiyaki by ourself and we order big size okonomiyaki and big size yakisoba and cost 1230 yen ($12) and tasted very good !

After eating, we went to NINJA MUSEUM of Igaryu.

And inside this museum, there hold Ninja show (needed extra cost 300 yen per person) and the last show started at 3 p.m. so we safely watched the last show.

This show was very good and after watching this show, my son tried syuriken.

After this show, we walked through this museum and there were tour-guide so they navigate us and telling the story of ninja's life.

The tour guide was very good and we enjoyed them very much.
After enjoying the museum, we walked around the Iga-ueno castle and watched iga town. This city is very good atmosphere and due to the restrict of hight of buildings, the landscape of this town is very good, like old japanese town, maybe.

At gift shop, my wife bought syuriken and my son liked it very much ! (he brought to the kindergarden the next day.)

July 14, 2013

The exhibition of Dinosaur and taisho ward walking

Recently my son likes dinosaur because TV program for children is broadcasted every Sunday morning and he likes this program very much, so we went to the exhibition of dinosaur.

This exhibition was held at Osaka-dome (baseball stadium) skyhall 9th floor and this day, idle event was held at same time, so many young women was gathered and very crowded around this stadium.

This dinosaur's event was not so crowded but many families had came.

After that, there were another moving dinosaur (t-rex) and my son was crying ...

After enjoying this event, we drop to the shopping center next to this stadium and afterthat, we walked around taisho-station (osaka dome is located near taisho ward).

This area is famous for okinawa shops and it is about 10 year interval before we visited this town.
I like this town's atmosphere and it is next to the sea so there are ferryboat for commuting.