March 14, 2011

Earthquake happend in Japan (3/14 mon.)

Today(monday) was very busy day, because today was the first working day since last Friday.
Our company is located at Kansai district(west japan), but part of our office is located at Tokyo and part of our system is related to the system located at Tokyo, so we checked how much influences if power supply at Tokyo district would be shut down.
But some of employee (including related company's employee) couldn't go to office because of train's stopping at Kanto district so it was difficult to get the information.
Company like us located far from kanto was such situation, so company located at kanto(around tokyo) area might be terrible, I think.

And today, another atomic power plant was exploded, so it was very seriou situation.
I have some acquaintances at Tohoku area, so I am worried about their safety.


Jane said...

I have a daughter at Kansai Gaidai. She is from the US. I would love more reports on safety there. Thank-you

yama-chan-yama said...

Kansai Gaidai is near here.
Osaka is safe but today's nuclear trouble might effect in some degree all over Japan(I didn't know exact informations yet).

rhd1954 said...

I hosted an exchange student from Hirakata, Osaka prefecture. Was that area hit by the Tsunami? I have no way of reaching her to see if she is ok. My other students were from Saito-Shi, Miyazaki Prefecture and from Takasaki, Gunma Prefectur. I hear Saito is gone. I don't know about Takasaki or Hirakata. Do you know?

yama-chan-yama said...

This earthquake and tsunami was at the north of Japan, called Tohoku area, and hirakata at Osaka pref. where we live is far south from there (about middle of Japan) and Miyazaki pref. is far south from Osaka, so these two city was very safe (here hirataka isn't affected at all, power supply is normal, so we spent ordinary life).

But takasaki-city at Gunma pref. is north of Tokyo and near there but it is far from coast, so it might be affected but not serious, I think.