May 19, 2010

The possibility of internet, blog, twitters, etc.

Reading some twitters and blogs, I think about what is blog and twitter mean.Of course, it is interesting to read someone's article and also intersted in writing something, but that's all. I mean that web's tool (blog, twitter, etc) might have much power.

For example, when I was graduate student 20 years ago, there aren't such internet circumstances but there are news group in some internet providers and some people use such newsgroup (they call it "Forum") and my friends use them and get specific information and argue about some kind of things and it is very powerful tool for some kind of interst area. I did not use internet in such a way, but if I can use blog or some internet tool in such a way, I might utilize internet more powerful besides expressing daily life (for example, I ate something now expressing by twitter, etc etc).

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