October 15, 2008

Recently popular books in Japan.

Recently, there are many how-to books or business books published, like how to stock and use informations (using internet services or notebook, etc) or the knowhow-books of memorize something.

For example, we can see many books like, Kazuyo katuma, leverage thinking by Naoyuki Honma, Stydy Hacks by Ryusuke koyama, use one notebook for memo by Nobuyuki Okuno, method of memorizing by student of The University of Tokyo by Wakiko Tokuda, etc.

Of course, such books had been existed before, but recently I think the number of such books are increasing. Maybe there are some reasons exist.
One reason is the development of internet access (plus gear) and internet services, so we can easily get and utilize informations using Information Technology.
We can easily get and send informations anywhere anytime by using mobile phone or wireless access by Note-PC in a cheap charge. And with such circumstances, the amount of informations are also increasing because many people publish informations through the internet services(like blogs, etc) and we might handle more information, so there are much more needs to use such informations usefully in business or in studing.

But for me, maybe I never buy such books because it's OK to read them in front of bookstore about 10-20 minutes, that's enough.
These books are some kind of technique books. For example, if you want to practice golf or ski, you read golf lesson books or ski books. You can get some hint or some technique through these books, so it is useful. But for me, to do golf or skiing is my purpose (because it is fun). Another example is that English is useful tool in a internet-age because the amount of informations written by english language is enormouse compared with japanese (in a worldwide range, japanese language is one of local language). So for me, English is one of tools, but not purpose. So I might have gotten some kind of hint of doing efficiently, but that's all and it is not worth buying for me. (If I have a time to read such books and also have money to buy, I want to read another books because it's worth spending times)

So what is my purpose or desire is the willingness to know. I can buy books about 1 or 2 books (3-4 books if it is used-books) due to the limitation of money! so I select books very seriously. I buy books if I eager to read in some period of time but there are not so much worth-reading books, so I am happy when I found these books.

Recently I read the book "what is life" by Erwin Schrodinger by Japanese. I really want to read this but this book was out of order, but recently this book is re-published in a cheap price and I am very surprised to see this book in a bookstore! Compared these books, I feel sad if I see the books above in front of bookstore, because the books presents the intelectual and cultual standard of this country. I can't read "what if life" in a few hours in a bookstore because it contains so much things and not easy to read.

October 12, 2008

Beautiful moon

Today, moon is very beautiful in the clouds, so I took pictures.
If I fly up from earth, far away from earth and moon, I can see earth and moon close to each other in black space.
A little dark setting up.

Adjust sensitivity ( we can also see our home. )

Interesting books,etc.

Recently, I am curious about the author "kenichiro mogi"(japanese blog, english-blog).

I knew him but until recently, I am not interested about him and his book ( I know his thema "qualia" by title ). And recently we can see him on TV and he publish many book in a short interval, and his way of thinking and point of view was very interesting to me so I read his books and website. (recently I am stuck on his website)

I wonder why I am curious about his book and website, and maybe I am starving for some intellectual things.
I found "hideo kobayashi", "hideo noguchi" from his writing and I aloso read the book of "kang sang jung" and he was also influenced by "soseki natume". Also I read his blog and it refered the website "edge" which I liked, that's strange feeling and also interesting to me.